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Clip with spring

Clip with spring, length 37 mm from the site of La Tène III (NE)


"Venus" of Monruz

"Venus" of Monruz, black jet pendant, shaped as schematized female body, considered to be the first human sculpted representation in Switzerland.

Height: 16 mm.
Source: Neuchâtel (excavations of highway N5). Magdalenian (around 11’000 BC AD).



Between microtechnology and the juralpine arc exists a very old love story. Who could better testify about it than the Venus of Monruz? This gem of the size of a fingernail, representing a schematized female body was discovered on the shores of the Lake Neuchatel … and dated Magdalenian, which brings us back about 11’000 years BC AD! Closer to home, shortly before the beginning of the Christian era, blacksmiths at La Tène produced objects finely engraved. Iron ore, which is relatively abundant in the Jura, has favored throughout the region an ancient metallurgical industry, which has survived over the centuries until the Industrial Revolution. All conditions were united for the development, in modern times, of activities such as auto mechanics in the region of Montbeliard, watchmaking industry in the Suisse-French Jurassic Arc, or the cutting tools industry in the Arve Valley.

Discover the "prehistory of microtechnologies" in the museums of the juralpine arc: