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Prochains Events

STI Industry Event


Lausanne, CH


14.06 - 17.06.2016

Genève, CH

Journée Microtechnique Médicale avec HEPIA à l’EPMT



Microtechnics Alliance Interclusters Event à l’EPMT


Genève, CH

Swiss Nanoconvention

30.06 - 01.07.2016

Bâle, CH

Micronarc - Events

CCMX Annual Meeting

Date(s) : 25.04.2012
Lieu : Kursaal, Bern, CH

CCMX’s mission is to link the needs of industry with academic research in the fields of materials science and engineering. Our focus is to facilitate pre-competitive research in areas of importance to industry, to offer advanced training for junior researchers, and to promote networking opportunities for the materials science community in Switzerland.

The annual meeting combines aspects of these activites into a single event. This year’s programme will feature presentations from current projects, and from CCMX alumni now working in industry. There will also be an update on CCMX Strategy 2012–2016. CCMX aims to consolidate the links between the ETH Domain and industry by co-funded “Materials Challenges”. These will be strategic research platforms to take on the research identified as important to the future of Swiss industry.

The meeting will end with the distribution of poster prizes and a farewell coffee.

For all details and registration, please click on the link just below.


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